Saturday, 17 September 2011

Working with Jane Austen | Gweithio gyda Jane Austen:

The multiple split book that meets at the fold, the one fold many times repeated. Only in our heads can we imagine this whole by imagining the pages sliding into each other, meeting at the fold; allowing a sliding into but not mingling not merging, they still need their distinct pages but allow blanks to be filled by the fullness of pages. But in your imagination the merging occurs, their separateness mingles. Still that hint whisper of the blank of the nothingness of the silence
That is how I wrote about this work before I made it...before I was even sure how I was going to make it.
Simply: I have taken three Jane Austen novels and extracted three types of information from each - movement & space in the present, the same in past or possible, and mention of letters. I made the collection of all three into one document [book], then each into its own book – but the words all occupy the space they would do if they were still one book. Again employing intentional actions/systems that produce chance outcomes, the beautiful shapes on the pages of words and spaces. They are for reading – the very short version of past, present, and possible movement in Pride & Prejudice is definitely for reading out loud! [a small taster of the text here] In the main series I have taken clauses or whole sentences and a full stop at the end of each, in the short version I have used my own punctuation, creatively.

working with jane austen
working with jane austen

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  1. the very short version of past, present, and possible movement in Pride & Prejudice will be performed as a duel with Lou Laurens at the Arnolfini, Bristol, May 6th 2012 10.30 am